Why is my Toro weed eater not starting?

How do you tell if weed wacker is flooded?

Tip. Start a warm engine on a Weed Eater without engaging the choke to avoid flooding the carburetor. The telltale sign of a flooded engine is the strong scent of gasoline and no fire from the spark plug.

Why did my weed wacker stopped working?

When an electric Weed Eater trimmer won't start, sometimes the most probable cause actually is the cause. Check an electric trimmer to ensure its extension cord is plugged firmly into the machine and plugged firmly into an electrical outlet. A faulty extension cord also may be the problem.

What causes a weed eater not to stay running?

Remember: If your weed trimmer starts but won't keep running that's usually a sign of either a poor fuel/air mix or an easy-to-replace filter having gotten clogged, all of which are easy fixes to perform at home.

How do I remove a Toro head trimmer?

Remove the bump knob on the bottom of the trimmer head. Depending on your make and model of trimmer, it will turn counterclockwise, have tabs to press in and pull it straight off, or remove by pressing in the tabs and turning it. Pull the trimmer line spool out of the trimmer head.

image-Why is my Toro weed eater not starting?
image-Why is my Toro weed eater not starting?
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