What keeps rugs from sliding?

How do you stop a rug from moving?

  • It's also a good way to drive yourself crazy, as area rugs resting on top of carpet are prone to slipping, sliding and creating tripping hazards. One way to keep your rug in place is to anchor it with furniture. When that's not enough, placing anti-slip mats and sticky tape under the rug will do the trick.

How do you prevent carpet from sliding?

  • Stick double-sided carpet tape to the underside of the rug. Leave the protective paper on the exposed side of the tape until you're ready to position the rug on the carpet, and remove it carefully as you lay the rug in place. Stick the rubber underpadding to the double-sided tape as an alternative to laying the tape directly on the carpet.

image-What keeps rugs from sliding?
image-What keeps rugs from sliding?
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