What is the difference between a wood burning fireplace and a wood burning insert?

Inserts are much smaller than fireplaces again because they are designed to fit into the opening, they will have much smaller glass fronts for the same reason. Inserts are designed to replace the inefficient wood fireplaces with new, cleaner burning appliances inside of them.

Are wood burning fireplace inserts worth it?

Are Fireplace Inserts Worth the Money? ... Savings: Fireplace inserts can help you to cut down on your heating bill. A fireplace insert is not recommended as a sole use of heating but when used in conjunction with turning down your thermostat, can save you money on your heating bill.Dec 27, 2016

Is a fireplace insert better than a wood stove?

If you want to maximize the heating efficiency of an existing fireplace, then an insert is the best option. But if you want to heat a home or room that doesn't have a fireplace, then a free-standing wood stove is an excellent choice.

Can you burn wood in a fireplace insert?

Wood-Burning Fireplace Inserts. Wood burning fireplace inserts give much more heat and enjoyment than a conventional masonry fireplace. If you plan on continuing to burn wood fire fires, and you wish for more heat, this is a good choice.May 29, 2020

Why do fireplaces have inserts?

Most fireplace inserts are designed to increase a fireplace's efficiency. An insert is basically a fireproof box that's surrounded by steel or cast iron and fronted by insulated glass, creating a closed combustion system. The steel or cast iron helps to trap the heat.Jan 9, 2009

image-What is the difference between a wood burning fireplace and a wood burning insert?
image-What is the difference between a wood burning fireplace and a wood burning insert?

Are fireplace inserts safer?

Are These Inserts Safe? There is obvious fire hazard risk with any fireplace, but it's much lower than a standard wood burning fireplace since the fire is contained within the insert's firebox. The main area of concern with fireplace inserts is if you have a ventless gas system.Jun 30, 2020


Do fireplace inserts increase home value?

Return on Investment

A homeowner can often recover over 100 percent of the expenses associated with adding a fireplace upon selling their home. According to the National Association of Real Estate Appraisers, adding a fireplace to home can increase the resale value of the home by as much as 6-12 percent.
Oct 16, 2018


Will a wood-burning insert heat my house?

Wood-burning inserts can heat anywhere from 1,000 to 3,000 sq. ft., depending on their size. Inserts are small enough to fit into most traditional masonry fireplaces.


How much does a wood-burning insert cost?

Most fireplace inserts and a professional installation cost about $2,000 to $4,000, depending on the state of your existing chimney and the model you select.


Why are stoves more efficient than fireplaces?

The high efficiency of wood-burning stoves can be attributed to their design. They are smaller and more compact than fireplaces, allowing them to project more heat into your home. Fireplaces often lose a substantial amount of heat where the firebox connects to the flue.


Are insert stoves any good?

Ideal for new builds or extensions, inset stoves are a great space saver. ... However, in reality, a key benefit of an inset wood-burning stove is that it is much more efficient than open fires, with efficiencies in excess of 80%, while still providing a stunning additional feature to your living space.Oct 3, 2019


Are inset stoves as good as freestanding stoves?

Secondly, all stoves have their own efficiency and rating, so choosing an inset stove doesn't mean it will be less efficient than a free standing stove. Modern inset stoves are extremely efficient and can provide excellent heat output, so the answer is no.Feb 4, 2017


Can you have a wood-burning fireplace without a chimney?

Yes, it is possible to add a wood burning stove or a fireplace without an existing chimney, but you do need to install a chimney in the process. All wood burning fireplaces have to have a way to allow smoke and dangerous gases to exit your home. ... But you also don't have to build a large brick or rock fireplace.Aug 30, 2017


How long can you burn a fire in a fireplace?

Time After Time

Instead of the usual 20-30 minute burn you are probably used to, the upside down method, if done properly, can keep a fire burning for more than three hours (and allegedly even up to seven hours) without you having to maintain it in any way. And it's not just the length of the fire that improves.
Dec 18, 2018


Does a fireplace insert need a grate?

Does A Fireplace Insert Need A Grate? A wood burning fireplace insert will not typically need a fireplace grate, but should be confirmed with the manufacturer of the insert prior to doing so. Firewood can burn best when sat on a layer of ash, and a grate can take up important space within a fireplace insert.Feb 12, 2021


How long do fireplace inserts last?

However, when properly maintained, a fireplace insert can last 20-30 years or more, making them a great investment in the future of your home.Nov 17, 2019


How do I know if I have a fireplace insert?

You can generally tell you have a fireplace insert if the firebox is metal and surrounded by a steel shell. To know for sure what type of insert you have, look for the nameplate under the grill by the pilot light and gas valve.Dec 23, 2014


Which is more efficient, a wood stove or insert?

  • Wood Stove Pros More efficient - Wood stoves burn more efficiently than fireplace inserts, creating more heat. Larger capacities - Wood stoves tend to have larger capacities than fireplace inserts, so it's possible to heat your entire home with a large model. This is difficult or impossible with a fireplace insert.


What is the best alternative to a wood burning fireplace?

  • 6 Decorative Alternatives to the Traditional Fireplace Electric Fireplace. Most people who are seeking a fireplace alternative want to be able to replicate the look and the feeling of a real fire. Fake Fire Logs. There are also fake fire logs on the market that you can decide to make use of. ... LED Fireplace. ... Decorative Fireplace Mantel. ... Pellet-Burning Appliances. ... More items...


What is the best wood burning fireplace?

  • Oak is quite possibly the best wood for fireplace. A lot of this has to do with its density and its energy content. Wood is generally measured in British Thermal Units, and oak ranks pretty high on this list, with red oak probably being the highest.


How to install a wood burning fireplace?

  • Check with your insurance company to make sure they cover damages produced by wood burning fireplaces.
  • Determine what type of wood burning fireplace will be best for your family. Decided on where you want to put it.
  • Apply for a building permit. ...
  • If there is not a pre-existing chimney,hire a professional to install one. ...


What is a fireplace insert and how does it work?What is a fireplace insert and how does it work?

A fireplace insert is basically a stove, wood or gas, that is designed to be inserted into a fireplace that is already there. Usually a wood burning fireplace built with the home will get an “insert” put inside of it.


Are wood burning fireplace inserts energy efficient?Are wood burning fireplace inserts energy efficient?

Wood burning fireplace inserts make it possible for people to reduce their utility costs. Some of them have designs, which make them 80% efficient. They require less wood, have a high heat output, and even prevent the leakage of gases like carbon monoxide into your home.


Are wood burning inserts code compliant?Are wood burning inserts code compliant?

Since wood burning inserts with properly installed liners are installed inside old or pre-existing fireplaces, the inserts can be considered a code compliance mechanism. An insert can renew a fireplace by bringing increased heating efficiency.


What is the largest cast iron fireplace insert?What is the largest cast iron fireplace insert?

Napoleon EPI3C Oakdale Series Cast Iron Wood Insert This Napoleon fireplace insert features the largest ceramic glass viewing area on this list. The model comes highly recommended in wood burning insert reviews and with good reason. It’s about 21.3 by 26.5 by 17.3 inches in size and can heat up a 300 square foot room.

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