What is the best pigeon food?

How do you feed a baby pigeon?

  • You can feed the baby pigeon using a disposable icing bag or a polythene bag ( you can also use a syringe). Fill it with food. Open its beak gently. Squeeze the food into its mouth little by little. Make sure you allow it enough time to swallow.

What to hand feed 3WK old baby pigeon?

  • Fresh water (I usually change it twice a day)
  • A pigeon mix either from a supply store or you can make your own by buying some seeds from a bulk store and mixing them (Pigeons like things like ...
  • Pigeon grit (Not gravel from a pet shop) you can get red cross grit from a feed supply store,it contains crushed oyster shells and is a good source ...

What can I feed pigeons?

  • Foods required for a healthy pigeon include dried field peas and corn. They are high in protein and help build strong muscles and maintain a pigeons plumage. Corn, however, can store in a pigeon's body as fat, so it should only be fed to a pigeon in limited quantities during the winter months.

image-What is the best pigeon food?
image-What is the best pigeon food?
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