What is a pneumatic woman?

What is meant by pneumatic in Brave New World?

Pneumatic is an adjective that usually means that something has air pockets or works by means of compressed air. In the case of the chairs (in the feely theater and in Mond's office), it probably means that the chairs' cushions are inflated with air.

Is Lenina pneumatic?

Huxley's explanation is that Lenina is "pneumatic." We should take a closer look at this word, because Huxley uses it multiple times in his novel. The official definition is basically "full of air," but this description can be metaphorical. It seems to mean that she's busty, curvy, and all-around sexy.

How is Lenina conditioned?

As a product of the Bokanovsky Process, Lenina Crowe is predestined and conditioned through sleep-teaching, or hypnopaedia, as a Beta Plus so that she will like her social destiny. However, there are moments when Lenina is somewhat disturbed by circumstances and others in which she finds herself confused.

What does it mean to call a woman pneumatic Why does Henry Foster's conversation about Lenina anger Bernard Marx?

What does it mean to call a woman "pneumatic"? Why does Henry Foster's conversation about Lenina anger Bernard? Well rounded and sexual. He is angered because he has developed a liking in Lenina and hates the way they discuss her as if she is meat.

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What is a pneumatic system simple definition?

A pneumatic system is a system that uses compressed air to do work. They capture air, transport it around a circuit, and accomplish designated tasks with the generated energy. These are present in both manual and automated machines, and within the construction or mining industry.Jul 12, 2019


What is pneumatics the study of?

Pneumatics is the study of air and gases and the relationship between volume, pressure and temperature of the air or gases. Initially used for carrying out simplest mechanical tasks but is playing an important role in the development in the development of pneumatic technology for automation.


Can a person be pneumatic?

Pneumatic: Multiple Meanings

From a literal sense, the word pneumatic means filled with air. ... Pneuma is a Greek word for spirit that is often used interchangeably with the Holy Spirit in Christianity. Finally, it can be used to describe a curvy woman.


Is Lenina an Alpha?

Second, and more revealing, Lenina is not construed by Huxley as a rebel for wearing green even though her green wardrobe clearly marks her as being unorthodox. Lenina is, after all, either an Alpha (most likely) or a Beta and should be wearing gray or maroon.


What are the Feelies in Brave New World?

In Brave New World, the feelies are movies that are experienced not only through sight and sound but also through touch. The sensation of touch is transmitted to the viewer via two metal knobs on the armrests.


Does pneumatic mean air?

Pneumatic means filled with or operated by compressed air. In general, pneumatic means related to air or wind, and pneumatics is the branch of physics that deals with the properties of air.


What is pneumatic energy?

Pneumatic energy refers to power related to pressurized air. This pressure can be static, or it can be in motion. ... For it to work properly, most industrial equipment will turn pneumatic energy into forms of kinetic or potential energy. Pneumatic energy can be dangerous, so it is critical that it be contained.


What is pneumatic used for?

Pneumatic systems can be used as an alternative to electric actuators and motors by driving linear and rotary motion applications. It is generally used with smaller loads as pneumatic systems produce less force than hydraulic systems and as air is easy to compress, pneumatics can absorb excessive shock.


What does it mean to be a pneumatic female?

  • 5 Answers 5. When a female is described as pneumatic it means she has large breasts (possibly artificially augmented by plastic surgery). To my mind, there's also the implication of her being both well-equipped and possibly available for bouncy bouncy / mattress dancing (slang euphemisms for sexual intercourse).


What does pneumatic mean in Brave New World?

  • Top definition. pneumatic. In the novel "Brave New World" by Aldous Huxley, the word 'pneumatic' was used to describe the sensation of sex with the main female character Lenina. In this context it means well rounded, or bouncy, in reference to her breasts and her body.


What is the meaning of pneumatic furniture?

  • Lesson Summary. Pneumatic is a word that is used out of context by the author to describe girls, furniture, and shoes. Pneumatic can mean full of air, which could be related to things that are big, soft, and bouncy like shoes, chairs, and girls' breasts.


What is a pneumatic tool?

  • From a literal sense, the word pneumatic means filled with air. Pneumatic tools contain air that remain at intense pressure, so that when the valve is opened, the force of air that is released powers the machine.

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