What height should a double rod closet be?

How much height do you need for double hanging?

When installing double rods, hang the top rod 80 inches from the floor and the bottom rod 40 inches from the floor. Leave at least 3 feet of space between the two rods. These systems usually work best for skirts, blouses, shirts or pants folded over a clothes hanger.

How much space do you need for double hanging clothes?

Shelves for folded clothes should be placed around 12 inches apart. 84 inches is considered the minimum height to hold double hanging rods. Blouses and shirts will take up about 1 inch of rod space, pants and skirts around 1 1/4 inches and dresses, jackets and suits about 2 to 3 inches.

What is the standard height of a closet?

The standard closet height dimensions that most architects and interior designers go by is a comfortable 8 feet. This gives the homeowner plenty of room to add shelves and rods as needed and generally works no matter if they're using a walk-in or reach-in design.

How deep should a hanger closet be?

No matter whether your space is walk-in or reach-in, most closets intended for clothing will include clothes rods for hanging clothing. Unless you are working with tiny baby garments, your hangers will require a closet with at least 22-inches of depth in order to swing freely on the rod.Oct 28, 2019

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image-What height should a double rod closet be?

How far should closet rod be from shelf?

A minimum of 10 inches is best, but it'll depend on the size of your hangers. If there is a shelf above the rod, determine the vertical distance from the rod to the shelf; two inches should be suffice.


How shallow can a closet be?

The standard minimum depth for a reach-in closet is 24 inches, but a closet intended to store coats or other bulky hanging items may need to be as deep as 28 inches. A closet less than 22 inches deep isn't deep enough to allow hanging clothes.


How much long hanging space do I need?

If you'd like to hang garments in your new storage area, we recommend you allow 55cm - 60cm / 22" - 24" of space for adult clothes. This will vary slightly depending on the garment and the size of the hangers you use, but 55cm is the minimum dimension you should aim for!


How wide is a standard double closet?

2. Dimensions You Need to Know. The ideal reach-in closet (we're not talking walk-ins here) is 6 to 8 feet wide and 24 to 30 inches deep. Standard double doors are best, assuming there's room to swing them open.


What is the standard bedroom closet size?

A typical closet is approximately 24-inches deep. A walk-in closet should be at least 36- to 48-inches deep. The width of the closet ideally is half the width of the room, if not more. A standard 12-by-12 bedroom would ideally have a closet 6-feet wide by 48-inches deep.


What is the standard size of a clothes hanger?

Standard-sized adult hangers measure 17-18 inches. Our over-sized hangers measure 19" wide, giving more support to heavy coats or larger jackets.


Can a closet be 12 inches deep?

The most common reach-in closet is a 24 inch deep closet with a header. The header is the area between the top of the closet door and the ceiling. Unless your closet uses tall doors or doors that go all the way to the ceiling, a 12 inch shelf depth is recommended.


How small can a closet be?

Minimum Closet Size Standards and Dimensions.

Minimum walk-in bedroom or walk-in coat closet: 4'D x 4'W. The minimum for a walk-in pantry or linen closet: 32″D x 32″W. Minimum reach-in bedroom or reach-in coat closet: 22″D (standard reach-in closet depth is 24″) x 36″W.
Oct 25, 2019


What is the minimum size of a closet in a bedroom?

A bedroom walk-in closet size must have a depth of at least 36-48 inches. The bedroom closet's width is practically half the room's width. Moreover, a standard 12 x 12 bedroom can customarily accommodate a closet with a depth of 48 inches and a width of 6 feet.


How many hangers does the average person need?

If you are planning to hang only t-shirts which do not take much space, then you may hang up to 19 hangers per foot. However of you want to hang jackets and suit that are bulky you may make space for 15 hanger per foot. Simple shirts and casual to format dresses would allow you to use 15 to 16 hangers per foot.Jan 17, 2019


What is a good size for a master closet?

A walk-in master closet should be a minimum of 7-by-10 feet, and preferably 100 sq. ft. for two users. That gives you space to line two or three walls with shelves, cubbies, and poles, and the elbow room to reach them easily.


What is the standard height for a double hang closet?

  • For a double-rod closet, the standard height of the top rod is 81.75 inches from the floor, and the standard height of the bottom rod is 40.5 inches. For a single-rod closet, the standard rod height is 66.5 inches. Double-rod closets are intended to be used for hanging shirts and pants, which are generally less than 40 inches long.


What are the dimensions of a double hanging closet?

  • The width of the typical shelf is between 2 and 3 feet. Closet rods hang at 45 inches in a standard reach-in closet. Double-stacked rods hang at 80 inches and 40 inches, while a tall garment rod for hanging dresses and gowns hangs at 60 to 65 inches. For extra-long clothes, hang the clothing rod at 72 inches.


What is the standard height for a closet pole?

  • Standard rod height for a single closet rod is 60 inches, a height that leaves ample hanging space for floor-length dresses. When installing double rods, hang the top rod 80 inches from the floor and the bottom rod 40 inches from the floor. Leave at least 3 feet of space between the two rods.


How far apart are double closet rods?

  • In a double-hang closet design with one hanging rod above another, the rods should be at least 42 inches apart to allow hanging space for shirts, jackets and folded pants.

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