What are the uses of heat?

What is the purpose of heat?

  • The general purpose of a heat treatment is to increase the extensibility of soft tissues, remove toxins from cells, enhance blood flow, increase function of the tissue cells, encourage muscle relaxation, and help relieve pain. There are two types of heat treatments: superficial and deep.

What are the signs of overheating?

  • Steam or water vapor (which often looks like smoke) pouring out of the hood of your car.
  • The needle on your temperature gauge creeps up quickly past the normal limit.
  • An unusual smell coming from the engine.

What is associated with heat?

  • Well into the mid-19th century, the most accepted notion of heat was one that associated it with a fluid known as caloric . Noted chemist Antoine Lavoisier reasoned that there were two forms of caloric - the kind that was latent or stored in combustible materials and the kind that was sensible and observable through a temperature change.

image-What are the uses of heat?
image-What are the uses of heat?
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