How long do STABILO point 88 pens last?

What is STABILO 88 pens?

The STABILO point 88 pen is smudge proof, great for left-handers and ideal for writing, drawing and sketching. It has a 0.4 mm line width and water based ink making it a popular choice for artists and students.

How many STABILO point 88 Colours are there?

Wide range of 47 brilliant colors

The STABILO point 88 is available in a diverse range of 47 bright and bold colours ensuring you have a wide choice of colours whether you are working on projects for school, study, work or just being creative.

Can you refill STABILO point 88?

Its orange and white striped edges are in the style of the world-famous STABILO point 88. Being refillable, it will also never need replacing.

Are STABILO pens good?

The colours are good, though not quite as vibrant as the Triplus. ... The Stabilo Point 88 is a fairly good pen but the mismatched caps drive me mad. The Staedtler Triplus Fineliner is a better pen (but in an uglier barrel).Feb 15, 2016

image-How long do STABILO point 88 pens last?
image-How long do STABILO point 88 pens last?

Where are STABILO pens made?

Most of the ink-based pens are made in Weißenburg, Germany ( These include popular STABILO products such as BOSS ORIGINAL, point 88 or the STABILO worker. Most of the wooden STABILO pencils are manufactured in Cesky Krumlov (, also to the highest standards.


Are STABILO pens permanent?

Stabilo Fine Art

They feature either permanent or non-permanent ink (black shaft indicates permanent ink, gray shaft indicates non-permanent, water-soluble) and are available in three tip sizes: superfine (. 4mm), fine (. 7mm) and medium (1mm).


Do Stabilo pens bleed through paper?

The have a nice fine tip, the pens are also very thin (which I like). They are kind of like fine-tip Sharpies, but brighter, no odor, and not as much bleeding through paper.


What is a fineliner pen used for?

Fineliner pens are favoured by artists looking to create detailed and precise linework. Their plastic or fibre nibs are usually long and in metal casing so they can be used with a variety of sketching accessories like rulers and templates without catching.Nov 1, 2020


Is Stabilo point 88 waterproof?

The inks are not waterproof but neither are the LePens. The Stabilo pens are designed to allow for a long cap-off time without drying out.May 19, 2015


What is the difference between Stabilo 68 and 88?

The 88 point pens have the same shaped barrel as the 68's, but the colour runs over the whole length of the pen instead of just the caps. A real plus about these is that they come in FORTY colours!May 29, 2015


Is Stabilo Fineliner waterproof?

The STABILO fineliners are the perfect companion for schoolchildren, students and professionals. The famous STABILO Point 88 and the STABILO Sensor are high quality felt fineliner pens that are archival, bleedproof, and waterproof.


Are Stabilo Fineliners good?

The Stabilo fineliners are comfortable to use, beautifully vibrant and give smooth, even, non-streaky coverage and are by far my favourite fineliners out of the 7 different brands I now own.Sep 9, 2015

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