Do gas fireplaces have remote controls?

How does a remote control gas fireplace work?

Remote control gas fires work with the use of a battery operated or mains connected control valve, which responds to your battery powered remote control. You don't have to use the remote control to operate some fires – they also come with standard controls on the appliance itself.Mar 17, 2020

How much does a remote gas fireplace cost?

$475 – $1,500 – Feature-rich set of vent-free gas logs with remote control, hand-painted realistic logs and flame burners, heat output of 20,000 – 40,000 btu. While this won't replace a gas furnace for heating your home, it does work well in emergency situations when heat is needed.Sep 30, 2021

Are fireplace remotes universal?

Most of the remote controls are universal in nature, they will simply require you to place the receiver in such a way for ignition, and then the remote will do the rest. But a few types of fireplaces are far too unique and would require special installation by technicians.May 12, 2021

Are glass fronted gas fires more efficient?

Inset glass-fronted models tend to be the most efficient as they're more enclosed. This means less of the heat escapes into the chimney or flue and more is concentrated through the glass into the room.

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Should the pilot light always be on gas fireplace?

Should the pilot light always be on in a gas fireplace? Most gas fireplaces rely on a “continuous pilot light,” a type of pilot that remains lit so long as gas is flowing to the unit. ... If you have a continuous pilot light system, you should always see a pilot flame unless you have manually turned the system off.


How long do gas fireplace valves last?

A: In the average home, a well-maintained vented log set with ceramic logs will last 10 or more years. A well-maintained vent-free log set with ceramic logs can also last a long time, but, if heavily used, will begin to wear in 3-5 years.Dec 2, 2019


What is the average cost of installing a gas fireplace?

How Much Does Gas Fireplace Installation Cost? The average cost to install a gas fireplace is about $4,500 with average prices ranging from $2,500 to $10,000 in the US for 2020 according to Thumbtack.Feb 17, 2020


Does a gas fireplace add value to a home?

Return on Investment

A homeowner can often recover over 100 percent of the expenses associated with adding a fireplace upon selling their home. According to the National Association of Real Estate Appraisers, adding a fireplace to home can increase the resale value of the home by as much as 6-12 percent.
Oct 16, 2018


Can you retrofit a remote control to a gas fire?

A gas fireplace remote control will allow you to easily start your gas fireplace with the minimal effort of clicking a button. The installation of your remote is fairly simple and only requires a few materials. Take your receiver, which will get the signals from the remote control, and connect it to the gas valve.May 29, 2009


Can you add a switch to a gas fireplace?

Most gas fireplaces have a switch mounted in the front, under the fireplace. For a more convenient control option, you can install a remote switch in a location that is more accessible.


How do you control a gas fireplace?

To keep any excess gas from escaping into the room, cover your fireplace with the front panel you removed earlier. Once the cover is secure, you can safely control the fireplace using the gas valve key, turning it counter-clockwise to increase the flames and clockwise to decrease them.


How do I use my gas fireplace?

  • Open the damper of your fireplace, the metal flap located just inside the chimney near the front of the fireplace. Typically, you pull the damper down to open and push it up to close. Keep the damper open whenever you use your fireplace to provide proper ventilation.


How do you replace a gas fireplace?

  • To replace a gas fireplace thermocouple, shut off the gas and electricity, remove the access panel, disconnect the pilot gas tube and then remove and replace the thermocouple.


Does my gas fireplace need maintenance?

  • Just as cars require regular service and oil changes to prevent problems and maintain efficient function, gas fireplaces require periodic cleaning and maintenance.


Can I remove the glass from my gas fireplace?

  • Following the instructions in your manual, turn off the fireplace including the pilot light, and open the glass front. Leave the glass front on its hinges if on hinges. If not, remove the glass to a soft safe surface like a drop cloth, towel, or your carpet. Use a cream cleanser like Imperial Gas Fireplace Glass Cleaner.


What is a fireplace remote control?What is a fireplace remote control?

A fireplace remote control is a convenient way to turn your gas fireplace on and off at home without needing to get down on your hands and knees and struggle.


What is a receiver on a gas fireplace?What is a receiver on a gas fireplace?

The receiver is the device, external to the remote, that gets the signals when the remote buttons are pressed and lets you manipulate the gas fireplace as desired. If the receiver is not installed correctly, the remote control might not work as required.


Is durablow a good brand for fireplace remote control?Is durablow a good brand for fireplace remote control?

The brand Durablow has several sophisticated electronic components in-store to uplift your living style. The fireplace remote control kit from this brand has many features that make it a reliable choice. The kit gives absolute control over your gas fireplace with its LCD transmitter screen and efficient receiver.


What is ambient thermostat fireplace remote control?What is ambient thermostat fireplace remote control?

The ambient thermostat fireplace remote control is small and compact and is highly reviewed and rated. Simple featured remote control options such as power on; power off, automatic flame buttons etc., It can also control the relative temperature of the flames in the fireplace as well.

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